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The perfect companion for your family

Sold at an extremely competitive price considering the quality of its technology, Alpha 1S will delight children and adults (from 14 years). The main objective of this humanoid robot is the introduction to programming. Alpha is able to reproduce all human movements ! You can dance with him, playing sports with this new fitness coach or teach him to tell stories to your children.

Alpha servo
Alpha + Enfant

Innovative features

Alpha has numerous highly innovative features including servo technology , 3D modeling and programming RPP . Its aluminum shell and ABS housing, designed with ecological and resistant materials, provide Alpha a sleek design and high quality finish.

16 robotic servos

With 16 powerful servo motors, the robot Alpha 1S is equipped with handling and amazingly flexibility. Able to do pushups, impressive choreography or kung-fu moves, no human movement is out of reach ! Each servo can rotate at a given speed, allowing him to perform movements exactly.

alpha app
Alpha Logiciel PC

A fun and educational robot

Entertaining, Alpha 1S is fun to control at all ages (with adult supervision for those under 14 years). Equipped with a built-in speaker, it is the ideal instrument for learning the simplified programming, integrate the concept of balance and understand the mode of moving in space by breaking down each movement.

Programming software

With the software AlphaRobot available PC / Mac, schedule your own movements. Using the intuitive 3D interface , select the servo, select the rotation angle and the speed of the movement. You can also add a soundtrack (music or voice). Once finished, transfer the sequence on the robot via USB and launch it via the mobile app with ease.

Download the software HERE.

alpha pc mac logiciel software
alpha smartphone application control

Control via Bluetooth 4.0

With the app Alpha1 available on App Store/Google Play, control one or more robots (until 5) directly via your smartphone or tablet: do the dance or sing with the Integrated Actions, play football or fight with the Controllers. No need to program in this case, many movements are proposed initially in the app (compatible with iOS 6.0+ / Android 4.0+).

Easy programing via the APP

With the programming RPP (Record, Position, Playback), easily save new movements moving physically Alpha ! Launch the recording option, physically change the position of one or more members of the robot, stop recording. You can then edit the speed of every move, giving you freedom of creation and endless editing possibilities.

alpha programmation smartphone app

alpha communauté partage share app

Share with the community

The main advantage of Alpha is the community platform available on the application. This allows to download online Actions edited by UBTECH or by other users of Alpha worldwide. Many actions are thus available for free, according to the rubrics Sports, Dancing, Stories, Songs, etc. This allows to continuously enrich the capabilities of Alpha.



The robot

  • Dimensions : 398*196*113mm
  • Weight : 1,65kg
  • Materials : Rich Aluminum, ABS case


  • Built-in speakers : Mono
  • Processor : STM32-F103RDT6
  • Storage : MicroSD port
  • Control mode : Bluetooth 4.0/BLE
  • Battery 7.4v 2200mAh lithium
  • Autonomy : +/- 60 minutes


  • App compatibility: Smartphones IOS (6.0+) & Android (4.0+)
  • Programming software :

    Live simulation thanks to 3D preview

alpha robot


Inclus dans le pack:

  • Robot Alpha1S
  • Charger
  • MiniUSB Cable
  • User Guide FR



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