FEIYU GW100 - 3 axis Zoom

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FEIYU GW100 - 3 axis

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Attention camera sur feiyu

Precautions of use

CAUTION ! The Feiyu stabilizer is a high-tech product that has been calibrated before delivery for optimal use. However, it is imperative to ALWAYS INSTALL A CAMERA before turning ON the steadycam, or it may damage the product and disrupt irreversibly.

Stability and fluidity

The Feiyu GW100 offers an exceptionnal stabilization technology thanks to its 3-axis Gimbal and brushless motors. It guarantees large movements angles and a perfect stability (without "Jello Effect") of your PNJ AEE or GoPro camera for all types of use.

Feiyu GW100 stabilité
Feiyu GW100 modes de stabilisation

3 operating modes
1 inversion mode 

Three stabilization modes are available :

  • Heading Follow Mode : tilt and horizontal angles remain constant. Heading follows the handheld position.
  • Heading and Tilt Follow Mode : horizontal angle remains constant. Heading and tilt follow the handheld position.
  • Heading Lock Mode : heading, tilt and horizontal angles are all locked to point at one position.
  • The "Inversion Mode" (camera rotatable by 180°) allows to capture more excited scenes.

Ease of use

A single-button allows you to switch between all operating modes easily. The camera installation is fast and simple (no special tools are required).

Feiyu GW100 bouton fonction
Feiyu GW100 orientation


The Feiyu GW100 can be installed in different positions :

  • lay flat
  • vertically
  • inverted

Lightweight and compact 

The GW100 only weighs 188g. The reduction in size is achieved without sacrificing any features.

Feiyu GW100 léger
feiyu GW100 schema 3D

Meticulous engineering
Premium material

The Feiyu GW100 is meticulously crafted with premium material and ever-improving manufacturing process.  

A wearable design 

The Feiyu GW100 is designed with extensibility in mind. Two 1/4''-20 tripod mounts allow the gimbal to be mounted to all universal tripod mount accessories including helmets, bikes and other accessories.

Feiyu GW100 fixation
Feiyu GW100 cameras gopro, aee, pnjcam

Improved compatibility

The Feiyu GW100 is the single handheld steadycam model that is both compatible with PNJ AEE and GoPro cameras.

High autonomy 

Two rechargeable batteries 650mAh ensure a battery life of 4 hours. The autonomy can be doubled by the addition of a second set of batteries included in the pack.

Feiyu GW100 piles
picto feiyu GW100 economie

The most energy-efficient steadycam in the market 

Thanks to a redesign of the electric circuit, the standby power consumption of the gimbal is less than 10 micro amps which makes the GW100 the most self-powered and energy-efficient steadycam in the market.



  • 3 axis : directionnal / tilt / horizontal
  • Size (L x l) : 9,1 cm x 9,5 cm
  • Weight (without camera or batteries) : 188g
  • Camera size max (h x p) : 4,36cm x 3,17cm
  • Camera weight max : 150g
  • Tilt angle : 320°
  • Horizontal angle : 100°
  • Directionnal angle : 320°
  • Tilt rotor speed : 75°/sec (max.)
  • Directionnal rotor speed : 150°/sec (max.)
dimensions feiyu GW100


Included in the pack:

  • 1 Steadycam 
  • 1 Gimbal
  • 2 Knurled thumb screw for GoPro
  • 2 Knurled thumb screw for PNJ AEE
  • 4  Rechargeable batteries 650 mAh
  • 1 Charger (Power adaptater not included)
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 USB connector
  • 1 Video and charging cable (analog monitor cable not included)
  • 1 Quick-release bukle
  • 1 Long screw
  • 6 Cap screw
  • 2 T-clamp
  • 1 Curved mount
  • 3 x 3M
  • 1 Key
  • 1 Bag 
  • 1 operating instructions
pack feiyu GW100pack feiyu GW100



Mode emploi GW100 english user manual

* The spare parts required for using the product are guaranteed for 24 months from date of purchase.


Manuel firmware GW100 anglais
améliorations firmware MG ang
téléchargement firmware V1.23 anglais

Setting software

 setting software feiyu
téléchargement logiciel de reglage ang


driver USB feiyu
téléchargement driver USB ang




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