S77 pictos

 *Please note that you will not be able to return to the previous firmware version after the update. 


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Reference CAM-S77

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S77 bandeau

Ambarella processor for professional-quality images 

Download the new software (here) to update your camera and benefit from the 4K30ips video resolution and enjoy the Ambarella processor, the best on the market, used by major brands such as GoPro and EEA. The installation guide is available in the "download" page. Please note that you will not be able to return to the previous firmware version after the update.

S77 photo matt
S77 fonction PIV

Photo In Video 

The "Photo In Vidéo" (PIV) option allows you to take photos during the video recording. You can manually shoot a photo or choose the auto choot with a time span from 5 to 60 seconds.

G-sensor function

With the G-sensor function, the camera can automatically start the video recording when movement is detected. Thrill seekers will be able to discover a new way of immortalizing their sportive performance. 

S77 G-sensor

Wi-Fi function

The S77 integrates the last advanced Wi-Fi performance allowing to control the camera's settings remotely from a Smartphone or a digital tablet in downloading the"AEE APP+" available for free on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Timelapse Photo Mode

With this function you can save pictures according to a selected interval time (from 1 to 20 seconds). All pictures are merged into a single file allowing to watch the timelapse directly without post-editing. 

timelapse bora bora
caisson S77

Strong and waterproof case up to 100m

The S77 is equipped with a resistant and waterproof case (up to 100m) delivered with a back door when the camera is equipped with its TFT screen. Its flat lens is ideal for diving and for keeping a wide viewing angle. 

A simplified navigation screen

The removable screen touch makes the navigation easy and intuitive in the menu. You can control video and photo settings and watch your footage in real time.

écran tactile s77



f/2.8 aperture



1080p100fps / 1080p60fps
920p60fps / 720p200fps


16MP / 8MP / 5MP



PIV (Photo In Video)
Self-timer 5/10/20s


Fast shot mode up to 8ips
Self-timer 3/5/10s
Timelapse from 0,5 to 20s


Micro SD
Micro HDMI


Transmission up to 100m

APP suitable with iOS/Androïde


Battery Lithium 1500mAh
Recharging time 3.5 hours
Recording time  

video 2.5 hours max.
audio 4.5 hours max. 


Operation 10°C/+50°C
Storage 20°C/+60°C


Mac OS - Windows 




60 x 23 x 43mm 

S77 caractéristiques


IncluDED IN THE pack :

  • Camera S77
  • TFT touch screen
  • Waterproof case 
  • Back door 
  • Battery Li-ion 1500 mAh
  • Flat adhesive mounts
  • Curved adhesive mounts
  • Mounting kit 
  • Anti-fog kit
  • USB cable
  • Storage pocket 
  • User manual



NOTICE: do not use 3M adhesive mounts for water activities, especially for surfboard. Opt for the adhesive surfboard mount "MS13" (in option).

User manual

User manual S77

* The spare parts required for using the product are guaranteed for 24 months from date of purchase.


manuel firmware

Compatible accessories

  • Poll mount

    In stock
    19,90 €

    The POLE MOUNT allows you to securely fix your PNJ sports camera to tubes from 1,7 cm to 3,2 cm in diameter (bicycle handlebar, seatpost, frame kart, etc).

  • Suction cup with LCD screen

    In stock
    27,00 €

    The industrial-strength SUCTION CUP is robust and reliable. It allows you to mount your camera onto any flat surface such as a car windshield, the hull of a boat or the body of a motorcycle. With this accessory, you can attach your SD EEA camera with or without the case, and with or without the screen display.

  • Helmet front mount

    In stock
    17,00 €

    The HELMET FRONT MOUNT is placed in a headlamp-like position and allows you to capture forward-facing footage. It can also take original self-portraits in the heart of the action by turning the camera towards you.

  • Lateral Helmet Mount

    In stock
    19,90 €

    The LATERAL HELMET MOUNT allows you to mount your camera onto the side of your helmet: capture your adventures from different angles.

  • Vented helmet strap mount

    In stock
    14,90 €

    The VENTED HELMET STRAP fits all vented helmets for mountain biking, kayaking, skiing as well as other sports. The strap is adjustable to all helmet sizes. With your camera mounted on the top of your helmet, capture original images in the middle of your sport activities.

  • Head strap mount

    In stock
    19,90 €

    The HEAD STRAP MOUNT is adjustable and adaptable to all head sizes. Capture forward-facing footages.

  • Chest Mount Harness

    In stock
    24,90 €

    This CHEST MOUNT HARNESS is ajdustable to all sizes and perfectly maintains your camera arround your chest. Ideal for sports activities. Record videos and take pictures in the heart of the action, without ever missing a shot.

  • AC USB 220V charger

    In stock
    9,90 €
    USB AC charger for all your PNJ sports cameras.
  • Surfboard Mount

    In stock
    19,90 €

     The SURF MOUNT comes with two adhesive mounts and a red AEE floater. You will be able to mount your camera onto your surfboard, your kite or your windsurf and capture exceptional shots during your aquatic sports.

  • AEE Floater

    In stock
    9,90 €

    If ever you drop your camera into the water, the AEE FLOATER will make it rise right back to the surface. Easy to spot in its red or in orange color, it is directly mounted to the back of the PNJ Cam waterproof case with a 3M adhesive mount.

  • Mini telescopic mount

    Out of stock
    19,90 €

    The MINI TELESCOPIC MOUNT is retractable and foldable. Measuring 22cm, it can extend to a maximum length of 90 cm. Record in the heart of the action or take original 'selfies' with superb perspectives: Innovate and take your memories higher.

  • S Backpack battery

    In stock
    29,90 €

    The 1000 mAh S BACKPACK battery will double your AEE S camera's operating time from 2 to about 4 hours.

  • Car charger 12V

    In stock
    9,90 €

    The CAR CHARGER allows you to quickly and easily charge your sports camera on the go in any vehicule. It is an essential accessory for travelers.

  • Soulder mount

    In stock
    24,90 €

    The SHOULDER MOUNT allows you to safely wear your sports camera arround your shoulder or you chest. The velcro system lets you change the camera's position on the mount according to the angle view that you want. With this mount, you will be able to get innovative and original shots, every single time.

  • 1500mAh rechargeable battery

    In stock
    24,90 €

    LITHIUM 1000mAh RECHARGEABLE BATTERY for S range sports cameras.

  • Extended handlebar mount

    In stock
    19,90 €

    The EXTENDED HADNLEBAR MOUNT allows you to safely attach your camera to a circular surface from 1,7 to 3,2 cm in diameter (bicycle handlebar, seatpost, kart frame, etc.). It comes with a pole mount and an extra extension, giving your camera extra height.

  • Triple battery charger S range

    In stock
    28,90 €

    This TRIPLE BATTERY CHARGER allows you to charge 3 Lithium 1500 mAh S range batteries.

  • Wristband mount

    In stock
    19,90 €

    The hands-free WRISTBAND MOUNT allows you to record and take pictures from a different angle. It is particularly convenient for air sports such as skydiving or base-jumping. Worn just like a watch, the velcro strap allows you to adjust it to different sizes.

  • Small Black Pole

    In stock
    19,90 €

    Small black stainless 90° rotating universal telescopic pole for 2 legs waterproof case or 1/4"-20 screw fastening system

  • Long Black Pole

    In stock
    29,90 €

    Long black stainless 90° rotating universal telescopic pole for 2 legs waterproof case or 1/4"-20 screw fastening system

  • Long Silver Pole

    In stock
    29,90 €

    Long silver stainless 90° rotating universal telescopic pole for 2 legs waterproof case or 1/4"-20 screw fastening system

  • Long Orange Pole

    Out of stock
    29,90 €

    Long orange stainless 90° rotating universal telescopic pole for 2 legs waterproof case or 1/4"-20 screw fastening system

  • Universal tripod adapter

    In stock
    7,90 €

    The UNIVERSAL TRIPOD ADAPTER allows you to mount your GoPro or AEE SD sports camera to any accessory that has a 1/4" (6mm) thread pitch such as a pole, a tripod...

  • Camera remote control LYFE TITAN

    Watch wifi remote control

    In stock
    34,90 €

    Watch wifi remote control for AEE wifi cameras 

  • S77 waterproof case without LCD screen

    S77 waterproof case without LCD screen

    Out of stock
    29,90 €

    Waterproof up to 100m without LCD screen, 2 legs mount. Suitable with S77 camera.

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